Pix is a modular panel system used in collaborative spaces as a space divider and visual communication tool.

The main concept of the project was playfulness and our central statement was “Please do touch”. We wanted people to engage with something just for the sake of having fun with it.

The objective was to get adults to approach and engage with an object in a way that only a child would; intuitively and with an open mind. We wanted to create a totally functional object that would invite people to discover through touch, that would spark creativity and bring people together in a fun way.


We chose felt as our main material because of its texture and naturally warm qualities. It allowed us to generate an harmonic color palette and to build an organic surface.



We chose to maintain a horizontal shape for our panel because of the ergonomical reach, we wanted people to be able to reach the tallest and the lowest part of our object with total comfort.

Pix has a floating appearance so it blends into its environment  and has a lightweightness to it.


Pix works as an interactive panel in which the user can flip the color panels to chose between a neutral or a bright color palette, and to play with its transparency levels.



This project was developed during the Wanted Design School Workshop at Brooklyn, New York in collaboration with students Alyssa Kuhns, Linda Vanni and Mike Rito.

Elodie Blanchard Workshop-6