The main goal of this project  was to design a smart object, and then submit it to Quirky, an online plataform that allows people from all around the world to submit their ideas, and the best ones are chosen for production.There were different categories in which you could participate, and my product was under the kitchen category.

A fundamental part of the project was being able to transmit ideas in a clear and attractive way, since the success of the project consisted on the Quirky community liking your idea and voting for it.


The first stage of the project consisted on an observation phase, in which you had to identify problems in the life around you and from that create a new product. After various ideas were discarded this was the final problem and solution found for it.


Problem: You are preparing your dinner, but you don’t know how much pasta do you need to use so you don’t waste any.


Solution: An object that allows you to measure each kind of pasta depending on the space they occupy


During the investigation it was found that individual portions of pasta are 120 gr of 3/4 of a cup. But there was a problem with that since the actual measuring pasta devices didn’t take into account that each pasta kind occupies a different amount of space. To prove this point the portions were compared, the 100 gr portions and the 3/4 of a cup ones to see the difference between them.

Sin título-3
Volumetric comparison between each portion
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