On August of 2014 the Paper pulp project began. This project was made with the collaboration of Industrial Design students Constanza Jardón and Montserrat Pazos and under the supervision of Industrial Designer Attanasio Mazzone. The main goal of this project was to explore the characteristics of different materials and the possibilities they gave us to create new things.

The first phase of this project consisted on an exploration of textures, colors and feelings of different things around us. We were not focused on the final form of our project by this time.



For the next phase we decided to experiment with paper, and after some exploration we decided to work with that material. We tried using it in different forms and mixed with other materials.

First we tried using the paper in layers, which resulted in paper sheets really resistant ,but long and expensive to produce.


The next phase in our exploration lead us to using the paper as a pulp. First we mixed it with glue and started modeling it as we pleased. After different trials we stablished a formula for it. Newspaper paper, glue, water and a process in which we softened the material and obtained a mass that we could use for practically anything since when it dried it became as hard as a rock. We finally had our final material. It was until this part we began to explore things we could do with it.



After various proposals were dismissed we settled for the production of clocks. With the help of a simple mold we began the production of the cylindrical clocks. At first we only used the natural color of the paper, but then began to dye it with vegetable colorants obtaining interesting results. The form obtained from the mold was a simple hollow cylinder which we later cut and then placed the mechanism inside.


Final Prototype