Cimbra is a modular system, designed for collaborative spaces such as workshops or classrooms, that allows users to transform it and move it around as they see fit.

The main concept of the project was collaborative work, and how to improve though industrial design the spaces where people work together. After an exhaustive research phase a modular system was designed and developed to cover the user’s needs.



Photography of the research phase

Since Cimbra was thought as a modular and ever-changing system, a great importance was put in the development of the joint pieces. After some experimentation with materials and forms, a classical carpentry joint was chosen, but reimagined in new materials and production processes. The dovetail joint was chosen for its qualities, but it was modified to accommodate the design.

 Captura de pantalla 2016-03-14 20.01.02

 procesoJoints production process

Cimbra worked as an interactive modular system, which allowed the users to assemble it quickly, move it around and transform it depending on their needs.