The objective of this project was to provide the students the first approach to the real world of design, and how does a product works in both an industrial and comercial context. On this project each student of the group had to create a potentially comercial product and become part of a common brand, which meant that we all had to follow the same creative criteria so at the end everything blended like a family. We created a business plan, press kits and finally sold the final products to the public.

This was a collaborative project run under the supervision of industrial designer Joel Escalona at CENTRO de Diseño, Cine y Televisión.

The first part for the project began by settling the primary concept. Every object designed had to part from a 15×15 cm of walnut block with 1” depth. Other materials could be used but only as details. After some discussion it was decided the the group would be designing desk objects. We researched what had been done around the world and chose 3 possible objects each and worked on them. After brainstorming and quick sketching each student chose one of its objects and began working on it. I chose a ruler set.


After the final design was chosen, the first prototype was produced with a 3mm walnut wood sheet and details in brass calibre 22.



After the final 10 prototypes were ready and packed, the project was presented during Design Week Mexico winter 2015 and during ZONA MACO (Design and art fair) in February 2016.